Easter Sales around Australia

Easter ShoppingEaster SalesEaster Sales is a key retail and wholesale selling period around Australia. These sales can take place leading up to Easter or even right thru the Easter weekend. With most retailers and wholesalers closed on Good Friday you will need to work thru who and what is open and when. Easter is always in the Autumn of March and April each year. The season of Autumn in Australia is still a warm one and people are happy to be out and about shopping. Some sales will be of left over summer goods and others will be from overstock situations. Easter has designated public holidays.

Because a lot of the Easter specific products can get left over, after Easter you will see the retailers cut prices on all Easter products from chocolates to hot cross buns. Other manufacturers can also dove tail these sales with a sale of their own!

As the school holidays are also at Easter time. Retailers realise a higher percentage of shoppers are families. And to take advantage of that they tend to target their marketing that way. So be aware of the soft selling family approach. Come and see what we have to help you and your Easter stock up.

Easter SaleEaster Sales. Come and get the bargains.

Sale suggestions leading up to and over the Easter Weekend. Easter Sales

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Easter is held over a long weekend starting on Good Friday right thru to the Easter Monday holiday. As many states run the school holidays in this period as well there is high demand for many things to do. Easter is part of the Big Days of the year! Our sister sites GoodFriday.com.au and Easter.net.au may assist with ideas of things to do and various venues, events, accommodation and services. Whether it's a place to stay for a bite to eat or a drink or for the whole Easter weekend. Enjoy and start chasing those bunnies.

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Ideas for finding some fish on Good Friday and maybe something else on Good Friday Eve. Good Friday Eve

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Great ideas and events over the Easter Weekend for fun bunny times. Easter Weekend

More Easter Sale Tips

At Easter time it is still very warm so if you are looking at perishable goods make sure you confirm the use by date. Hot cross buns and Chocolate Eggs always come out on the supermarket shelves just on the end of January. Yes that early! But chocolate eggs and he like don't always go well in warm days left in cars while you are doing a shop. So if getting these types of items in your grocery shop, get them last. And the supermarkets will discount the chocolate eggs on Sunday! Maybe duck in late to get the bargains. For all other Easter sales at smaller type places make sure you call before hand to discuss their products and if going there then make sure they are open. Have fun at a great Easter Sale!